Agriculture has traditionally been significant in Maldivian island lifestyle as an avenue for supplementary income and an essential source of sustenance.  With the advent of this new era of development, the time is ripe to transform the sector into a major industry in order to pave the road to attain self-sufficiency.

President Yameen's PPM government will reverse current trends and safeguard local producers from losing competitiveness to pricey foreign inferior products, through the countrywide introduction of modern climate smart farming technology and intensive logistical support for farmers.



We will attain self-sufficiency in five selected crops.

We will introduce climate smart farming methods such as protected cultivation, vertical and container farming, drip irrigation and fertigation technologies.

We will establish five Agronomy Research Centres across the country to develop innovative climate smart farming techniques best suited for local environments and provide training and guidance to regional producers.

We will guarantee land for farming by:
1.    Allocating plots of land on uninhabited islands to be exclusively used by small-time farmers.
2.    Allocating islands to be used for farming exclusively, by larger scale commercial farmers.

We will accommodate technical and business development support along with low cost financing for the farming of crops as well as livestock and for the value addition of local products.

We will establish aggregation centres that will assist farmers to market their produce to enable greater access to local and resort markets.

We will provide low cost financing for the manufacture of custom designed transport vessels essential to shift fresh agricultural produce to resorts and other markets.