Aisha's Story

I remember the time when I had to stay with my aunt in Hulhumale’ in 2012, as Mamma had to go to India to see a doctor. I remember coming to Male’ with my aunt and cousin Hassan during those days. There were always loud crowds protesting on the streets. I remember how frightened I was. One day we had to go back home, as many of the shops were closed because of the protests.

I remember missing my Dhombe during those days. If I was at home in Alifushi, I would have been with him. I remember that after getting the highest grades at the o’level tests from our island, he stayed home all day in his chair or bed and spent a lot of time with me everyday. I knew Dhombe was unable to walk, because although he was much older than me, he had to be moved from one place to another by Mamma or Bappa.


After six years I am in Male’ again. I am so happy to see that there are no loud crowds shouting at the top of their voices all day. The shops are open, and people seem to be able to go wherever they want. And those bikes carrying huge smelly bags of garbage have disappeared. Now I see men and women wearing uniforms carrying out garbage bags from homes and loading them on to trucks. My cousin Hassan says that the bad smell they had at his school has disappeared too, and that had something to with the garbage disposal.


As I walk down the street I am happy Dhombe is able to join us in his wheelchair. He got it three years ago. But the sad thing is that he is not at home all day with me anymore. He got a job. The good thing is that he gets a salary now and I get a lot of presents from him. It makes him very proud. I like it.

Two weeks ago, when Mamma told me she had to see a doctor for her heart illness, and that we have to go to Male’, I was frightened that Mamma was going to leave me in Hulhumale’ with my aunt again. I was so happy when Mamma said that now there are heart doctors in Male’ and that she doesn’t need to go to India anymore. The trip to Male’ this time was fun too. We took a flight from Ifuru Airport. The last time we came to Male’, we had to travel by boat on a very stormy day to an airport much much further away, and I think Mamma was more frightened than me.

After seeing the doctor Mamma said she is going to take me to the Park. I hope to have a fun time there.


" I want a peaceful atmosphere for Aisha as she grows up. I want her to be able to play outdoors in the parks in peace, without fear of crowds. I want my daughter to grow up as someone who respects others with a love for Islam and for our country.

I want her to be able to choose her course of education and have the opportunity to pursue higher education. I want her to acquire modern skills and for her to be able to navigate herself in today’s world of technology.

I want to give my daughter the best healthcare, as I want for the rest of my family. I want her to have access to medical facilities whenever treatment is needed. I don’t want her to experience what I had to do before; having to leave my children behind to go abroad for treatment.

I want her to be able to decide where in the Maldives she wants to live, and still be able to get a job in her field and a home for her family, wherever she chooses to reside.

- Aisha's Mamma -