The fishery profession; the lifeblood of the country for centuries; overtaken in recent years by other business sectors, is still among the main industries that sustain Maldivian livelihood.

President Yameen’s PPM government will invigorate the industry through diversification initiatives, modernization regimens and financial incentives to stimulate revenue growth both at individual and national levels in order to harness more youth and boat owner engagement.



We will establish fish purchasing/processing centres in 8 regions of the country and empower the private sector to purchase across the country, opening up the skipjack market. 

We will stimulate sectorial growth by:

  •  Availing low cost finance to build modern fishing vessels.

  • Introduce SME loan schemes for boat building.

  •  Reducing import tariffs on marine engines.

  • Modernizing onboard facilities of the existing fleet with equipment such as ice plants etc.

We will promote bait fishery through incentivized initiatives to farm Milkfish.

We will create new employment and revenue-generating opportunities within the industry through the introduction of fleets targeting Diamondback Squid fishery.

We will execute comprehensive aquaculture programs and target specialized areas of mariculture placing particular emphases on establishment of multispecies hatcheries, value addition fishery and mariculture, seaweed cultivation, grouper farming and the production of other high value marine species for export.

We will enhance and further guarantee the respectability of the fishing profession by introducing the “Fisherman Card”, that will ensure priority for fishermen in receiving public services, discounts and preferential service at private businesses that join the scheme. 

We will define a minimum price for Yellowfin Tuna, thus ensuring maximum income for Yellowfin Tuna fishermen. 

We will add a new cannery in Felivaru and establish a new fish canning factory in Addu city.