Guiding Principles

We will ensure that the Maldives remains as a 100% Muslim country, uphold all Islamic Principles and protect the country's independence, sovereignty and rich cultural heritage.

We recognize the value of the Maldivian identity as One People, One Nation, One Race, One Culture and One Creed and shall develop the Maldives on this identity, as a united people, together for the betterment of the Maldives.

We will ensure that the Rule of Law is maintained and guarantee that everyone is equal before the law. We will modernize the Judiciary, legal systems and offer a secure legal environment for investors.

We will uphold democratic values and will actively engage international partners in promoting peace, security and harmony in the global arena.

We will focus on transformational economic development that will further empower the youth and change the economic landscape of the country thereby raising the quality of life for all. We will implement bold economic plans, broaden our narrow economic base, create employment, providing housing and healthcare for all.

We understand the risks involved in being a low lying country and will plan, develop and execute the developmental agenda in accordance with environmentally prudent and safe policies. We will continue to play a leading role in the international arena in global warming and related environmental issues.

A PPM Government believes in Gender Equality and will ensure all its policies are in line with the Convention of the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. A PPM Government will formulate policies for the empowerment of women, protection of children, persons with disabilities and elderly according to relevant international conventions.