Information & Communication Technology


Information and Communication Technology (ICT), one of the fastest growing areas in the world today, augurs immense potential as a neoteric, dynamic and viable economic sector that will contrive employment and livelihood for the Maldives’ English speaking, eloquent, tech savvy and derring-do youth.

The planned socioeconomic developments and ambitious ventures into new businesses paving the way to expand existing industries will generate significant demands for cutting edge ICT services.



We will establish a Technology Park in Villimale’ II (Gulhifalhu), comprised of physical infrastructure designed for training and such intended for the development of specialized ICT businesses.

We will build a highly skilled ICT workforce by introducing comprehensive ranges of academic and vocational training regimens that cover software and hardware development, data management and security, networking and ICT business development.

We will avail incubators for startups and office space for locals as well as international technology firms at the multipurpose Technology Park.

We will reduce internet costs by 30% by investing in a government owned submarine cable.

We will establish Smart Maldives, a single portal to access information and services.

This platform will serve as a gateway to social welfare, make and receive payments, public services, healthcare and medical services and will revolutionize education for all ages.