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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s first term in office (2013-2018) has seen the Maldives successfully address the plethora of obstacles that hindered the country’s pace of socio-economic development.

The patient-perseverance and hurdles-overcome, in the face of local and international skepticism and even active resistance, in maintaining the country’s focus on nation building has rekindled a new sense of patriotism and national pride among the citizenry.

Unprecedented infrastructure development, multiples increases in per capita GDP, advancements in the educational and health sectors and the unity and contentment of the general public - all bear witness to carefully articulated macroeconomic agendas skillfully implemented through instruments of fiscal policy under President Yameen’s visionary guidance.

The peoples’ bar of expectations for the future is higher than ever before. The country is poised for another paradigm shift in its socio-economic landscape. President Yameen is ready to serve, to take our beloved country beyond the peoples’ expectations yet again while upholding the Islamic principles; the pride of this nation; and protecting our independence, sovereignty and rich cultural heritage.

The task at hand is too difficult, a challenge and important a responsibility to be passed on to a newcomer. A novice with no experience, wisdom or foresight. It is not the time to risk Maldives’ future with experimentation. It is the time for the only man with a proven track record. It is the time for President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to take the Maldives from strength to strength, to where progress is shared.