Maritime Hub


History confirms the Maldives as a crucial transit destination for seafarers, travelers and traders.  The archipelago straddles main trade routes from Europe and Africa to the Orient. Medieval traders visited the islands for fresh water, wood, cowrie shells, coir and food supplies.  

President Yameen’s PPM government will exploit the Maldives’ strategic geographical location to make it an international hub for maritime trade.




We will develop an integrated port facility on Thilafushi Island in the Greater Male’ Industrial Zone. 

We will create economically viable land links between the integrated port, Male’, and the International airport by building bridges from Thilafushi to Gulhifalhu to Villingili to Male’

We will institute the new integrated port as an international transshipment hub by developing subsidiary facilities such as logistics parks, bonded warehouse facilities and light manufacturing services. 

We will consolidate the role of Maldives as a maritime trade hub by complementing the transshipment port in the Male’ Region, with another in the north of the country within the proposed Ihaven Project and by the development of oil bunkering, dry and wet docking facilities in Addu city.

We will revive the country’s shipping industry building on the acquisition of the 25,000 MT  oil tanker by the State Trading Organization (S.T.O.).