Progress Delivered

In 2013, the people spoke through the ballot box and showed their confidence in President Yameen to solve the inherent structural economic issues and the seemingly unresolvable issues in our social services. The people’s confidence in President Yameen has not been wrongly placed.

The country lacked the scale for economic and social development, there was no comprehensive transport infrastructure and housing was an issue for most of us, for which no government was able to come up with a viable plan.

Our gateway to the world, Velana International Airport has always been in need for development and expansion trying to keep up with the needs of the tourism industry.

Our health sector was never able to provide the care that people need, we never saw a way to avoid the trauma of travelling abroad, when care is needed right here at home.

Male’ and other cities have been rapidly congested with no place for children to play, and for families and the elderly to relax, and governments have been seen to be helpless to do anything about it. There was no comprehensive plan for waste management.

Upon taking office, President Yameen embarked on a bold mission to change the structural economic issues that have afflicted the country for the past decades. With massive infrastructure development, bold developments in the health sector, and with significant achievements in the transport network and mega projects in the tourism industry, the country is currently experiencing a paradigm shift in both economic and social fronts.