Progress Shared

President Yameen’s vision is to bring about transformational change to the economy and the lives of our people. Through expansion, diversification of existing sectors and through the introduction of new economic sectors he would bring in a new era of economic growth and prosperity to the Maldives. The immense opportunities and avenues created by the monumental redevelopment of Velana International Airport (VIA), is of great importance to President’s Yameen’s economic agenda for the next five years.

The President’s plan is to increase annual tourist arrivals to five million and drive the economy on the ensuing growth of trade, transport and construction sectors. The strategic development of the southern and northern zones as major tourism hubs will be instrumental for the equitable distribution of the fruits of development among all Maldivians. Strong drivers of growth have also been programmed into President Yameen’s development plans for other major economic sectors. New sectors that will be developed during the next five years such as the information, communication and technology sector and the maritime sector will also contribute immensely to the expected growth.

The combined impact of the implementation of President Yameen’s economic and social programs in this manifesto, during the next five years will bring about a profound change in the way we live, work and play. The size of our economy will progress to almost three times from its current level. Along with it, employment will also bloom by the same ratio.