Social Protection

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President Yameen’s PPM government launched several targeted social protection programs to alleviate adversities that afflicted communities due to the lack of frameworks to cater for those that require state assistance. President Yameen’s PPM government will strive to reduce poverty, vulnerability and inequality through tailored initiatives to provide a constructive income for the poor, protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks and enhance the social status and rights of the marginalized.



We will ensure financial protection to persons with disabilities, by providing up to MVR 5000 per individual per month, based on a case-by-case assessment against a published guideline on classification of eligibility.

We will introduce the micro financing program ‘Gaabil’ for persons with disabilities that will incentivize self-employment and financial empowerment through sanctioned micro credit facilities and start-up financing services.

We will provide financial assistance towards schoolbased nutrition provision for pre and primary school age groups through the ‘Muduvah’ program that avails financial assistance to institutions that participate.

We will offer tax rebates through the “Ijthimaaee zimmaadhaareh” program for companies that hire beneficiaries of social welfare.

We will encourage the vulnerable and the poor to seek employment by subsidizing child daycare and incentivize the establishment of such facilities in urban centres.

We will provide financial support for divorced women with young children until they are able to support themselves and their children.

We will incentivize the use of special vehicles that can accommodate 3 to 5 wheelchair bound passengers and their wheelchairs by taxi service providers at the same rate as taxi services for the general public.

We will provide discounts to people over the age of 65 for domestic air travel.