Youth Development

Hulhumale’ the City of Youth, declared by President Yameen’s PPM government, doubtlessly signifies the importance the administration bestows upon the country’s vibrant youth for the betterment of the Maldives’ future. 

Incentivized loan schemes for youth startups; such as the GetSet program; as well as numerous scholarship and affordable housing prospects opened numerous goal oriented life opportunities for the youth, during President Yameen’s first term. 

Recreation & Leisure

President Yameen’s PPM government catered for all sports enthusiasts with the unprecedented and outstanding establishment of 24 fully equipped Youth Centres, 83 Volleyball courts, 93 Bashi courts, 44 Netball courts and 11 Basketball courts in the atolls.

Soccer being the most popular sport among Maldivians, President Yameen’s PPM government enabled aficionados with 49 full-sized Football grounds and 86 futsal pitches in the atolls, while works on a further 94 futsal pitches are underway. 

Competitive Sport

President Yameen’s PPM government’s initiative to pay salaries to all National Team players as well as the introduction of substantial financial bonuses for international medalists has garnered a new drive among professional sportsmen and sportswomen to excel in their disciplines, resulting in 36 medals; including 10 gold medals; at international events, during the last four years.

The administration also delivered the country’s first-ever synthetic athletics track in the Youth City.  The National Swimming Association will receive the first-ever dedicated freshwater practice pool in the very near future.



youth development

We will ensure a home for every citizen over the age of 18 years, and to every citizen who turns 18 till the year 2030. 

We will double the number of scholarships offered by the government.

We will offer scholarships annually for non-academic youth to train in vocation and technical fields.

We will create a revolving fund to offer student loans to study abroad without the need to mortgage property.

We will create a mechanism that will bring industry and education providers together to offer education and guarantee employment for those trained.

The "HiRed" program ensures that those who join the higher education program are assured of being hired at the end of their training. 

We will offer short-term vocational and technical training through the HiRed program free of charge, to youth of all educational standards. 

We will avail incubators for startups and office space for local as well as international technology firms at the multipurpose Technology Park.

We will increase credit guarantee schemes for SMEs and triple the fund to guarantee loans for youth and women entrepreneurs

We will encourage young parents to seek employment by subsidizing child daycare and incentivize the establishment of such facilities in urban centres.

We will build a highly skilled ICT workforce by introducing comprehensive ranges of academic and vocational training regimens that cover software and hardware development, data management and security, networking and ICT business development.

We will reduce internet costs by 30% by investing in a government owned submarine cable.

We will create easier and less costly access to payment gateways and establish the legal frameworks to enable acceptance and integration of global payment platforms such as Paypal.

We will introduce specialized consumer finance products such as hire purchase and finance leasing for the youth.

Recreation and Leisure

We will continue to build recreational sporting infrastructure in the atolls.

We will establish Artists’ Hubs where artists can practice and sell their work. These Artists’ Hubs will be located in key tourist areas and will be promoted as tourist attractions. 

Artists in various fields including art, music, writing, handicrafts etc. can practice their skills, offer training and sell their products at these Hubs.

We will establish a fund of MVR 300 million to assist the work of nonprofit organizations and youth who work to protect the environment and the rich biodiversity of the Maldives.

We will continue to build recreational sporting infrastructure in the atolls.

We will continue to build recreational sporting infrastructure in the atolls.

We will continue to build recreational sporting infrastructure in the atolls.

Competitive Sport

We will develop the required infrastructure and training facilities required by National Sports Associations.

We will establish a National Football Training Academy at the Hulhumale’ Youth City and implement an intensive football-training program in the atolls to develop a new generation of talented footballers.

We will inaugurate Maldives as an international surfing destination by developing an artificial surf zone on the eastern side of the Hulhumale’ Youth City ensuring year-round surf and plentiful employment for local youth. 

We will establish a specialist clinic for treatment of sports injuries at Dharumavantha Hospital. 

We will establish sports physiotherapy centres in all regional hospitals.